Are your products vegan?

All our products and its ingredients are 100% vegan and cruelty free. So are the Brontë Body employees. We are certified by NZAVS (charity to end animal testing in New Zealand) and are registered in the New Zealand Cruelty free Guide.

How can I track my shipping?

You will receive an automatic email by eParcel with tracking information once your shipment has been picked up. Please contact eParcel directly if you would like to follow up or inquire over your shipment.

How to shave with a Brontë Body safety razor?

We are glad you asked! We put together some simple tips and tricks for you that will elevate your shaving experience. Check it out here.

Where are Brontë Body products produced?

Our safety razors and razor blades are made by a reputable manufacturer (one of the best in the world) in China. Sadly, there are no safety razor manufacturers in New Zealand.

What material are the Brontë Body products made from?

The safety razors are made from brass. The metal color has been electoplated, which makes it incredibly durable. The blue, pink, mint and lilac razor are powder coated and more prone to chipping if its being dropped. Even if the razor chips or scratches if cannot rust.

The razor blades are made from stainless steel.

How to dispose of the razor blades?

Please collect your used blades in a jar/ container and recycle at a metal recycling centre (not normal recycling). More details here.

Do you sponsor products for social media influencers?

We like to work with people based on their philosophies and values, not based on how they look or how many followers they have. It must be a natural and genuine fit. If you have a cool collaboration idea and would love to feature Brontë Body, we are more than happy to discuss how we can help you.


For any further enquirers, please email hello@brontebody.com or check out our contact us page.