16 Expert Shaving Rules Everyone Should Know - The Ultimate Guide to Shaving with a Safety Razor:

16 Expert Shaving Rules Everyone Should Know - The Ultimate Guide to Shaving with a Safety Razor:

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Your Best Shave Yet: 16 Essential Rules

Everyone desires a smooth, close shave without the hassle of nicks, cuts, or post-shave irritation. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 16 essential rules to guide you through the pre-shave, shave, and post-shave process. Get ready to revolutionize your shaving experience!

Pre-Shave Routine:

Rule 1: Soften Your Skin

Always soften your skin with a warm shower or bath. This step ensures that your hair is soft and upright, ready for a clean cut.

Rule 2: Exfoliate Before Shaving

Exfoliation helps to prep the skin by removing dead cells and allowing a closer shave. This not only provides smoother results but also minimizes the risk of ingrown hairs.

Rule 3: Invest in high-quality razor and blades

Ditch your crusty plastic razor. The blade is low quality and can cause micro cuts and razor rash. The glide strip can cause skin irritation.

Safety razors will not only last longer and are cheaper in the long run. They’ll help avoid razor rash and ingrowns and give you a cleaner, more precise shave.

Rule 4: Time your shave right

Never shave under time pressure. You are likely to skip crucial steps such as exfoliation or putting a new blade in your razor, and you are also more likely to cut yourself. Take your time and plan a self-care session.

When should you not shave? Your skin is more susceptible to irritation right after shaving. To avoid any potential skin rash caused by bacteria, it’s wise to steer clear of activities that can introduce bacteria to your skin or cause sweating. This includes intense physical workouts, sexual activity, swimming in pools or the ocean, slipping into non-breathable tight clothing, or venturing out into scorching weather. Give your skin a few hours to calm down after shaving. If it’s warm out, consider shaving at night, allowing your skin to recover overnight.

Rule 5: Trim Before Shaving

If you’ve been postponing your shaving session for a while, trim your hair first. This makes the subsequent shaving process smoother and more efficient.

During Shave Routine

Rule 6: Lather Up Right

Using an all-natural shaving soap, build up a thick, protective lather. This acts as a cushion between your skin and the razor, preventing cuts.

Rule 7: Perfect Your Technique

Short, light strokes are your best friend. Always shave in the direction of hair growth to minimize skin irritation.

Rule 8: Tackle the Tricky Spots

Areas like the insides of your knees can be challenging. Ensure you stretch your skin in these areas to create a flat surface for the razor.

Rule 9: Be Mindful Around Bones

When shaving around bony areas like knees and ankles, bend joints or move the skin for a flat surface, and reduce the risk of nicks.

Rule 10: Let the Razor Do the Work

Avoid applying undue pressure with the razor. The razor's weight itself is sufficient to get the job done.

Rule 11: The Three-Step Shave

For an ultra-close shave, follow this sequence: Shave downwards (with the hair growth), side-to-side, and then upwards.

Post-Shave Routine

Rule 12: Rinse with Coldness

Close your pores and soothe your skin by rinsing with cold water immediately after shaving.

Rule 13: Natural Post-Shave Pampering

Treat your freshly shaved skin with a natural aftershave oil. It moisturizes, soothes, and keeps skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

Avoid body oils, creams or butters with perfume, fragrance or alcohol in it. This can cause skin irritation and even a skin rash for sensitive skins.

Rule 14: Post-Shave Exfoliation

Remember to exfoliate 1 or 2 days after shaving. This proactive step helps keep ingrown hairs at bay.

Rule 15: Blade Maintenance for Optimal Performance

A sharp, clean blade is essential for a perfect shave. Make sure to change your blades every 2 to 4 weeks to minimize bacterial growth and prevent shaving with blunt blades, which can feel like scratching and cause micro-cuts. After each use, unscrew the razor slightly, rinse it under the tap to remove any residue, and then store it outside of the shower. This helps to prevent bacterial growth on the blades and keeps them sharper for longer.

Rule 16: Be Wise Post-Shave

After shaving, avoid tight clothing or sweaty exercises. These can lead to skin irritation and potential ingrown hairs.

2 Bonus Rules

Rule 17: Care for Your Razor

Maintain your razor's longevity by storing it in a dry place and ensuring it's free from residual soap or hair.

Rule 18: Your Unique Shave

Always remember: Every body is different. Adapt these rules to fit your unique needs. In the end it comes down to finding what works best for you and stick with it!

By integrating these 16 rules into your shaving routine, you're bound to experience a smoother, closer, and more enjoyable shave. Bookmark this guide and make every shave the best one yet! Remember, it’s not just about the act of shaving, but the care before and after that truly makes the difference. Happy shaving!


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