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*PINK FREE happy bundle
*PINK FREE happy bundle
*PINK FREE happy bundle
*PINK FREE happy bundle
*PINK FREE happy bundle
*PINK FREE happy bundle
*PINK FREE happy bundle
*PINK FREE happy bundle
*PINK FREE happy bundle

*PINK FREE happy bundle

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We got special facial shave soap + It's 99% PINK FREE!

Here is what the boxes contain:

  • one safety-razor (colour of your choice)
  • kraft of pink razor box. We got only 30 kraft boxes left in stock!
  • 10 double edge razor blades (worth 50-70 shaves)
  • one bar of amazing Shaving Soap of your choice made for beard shaving!
  • 100ml of shave oil to soothe and heal your skin and prevent ingrowns and razor burn. This oil can be used as a pre-shave oil or after-shave oil.
  • a black aluminium tin to keep used blades safe until recycling.
  • Your shave guide
  • including shipping
  • This box is perfect for any safety-razor beginner as it includes everything to ensure your best shave yet your best after-shave skin!


The razors in the color blue, mint, pink and lilac/purple are prone to chipping. Chipping only affects the look of the razor not the usability.

Super Extreme Sensitive Skin

If you are sensitive even against essential oils we recommend to choose the following items:

  • the razor of your choice
  • Pure Shave Oil
  • Pure Gentle Jane (free of nasties and essential oils)

Somewhat Sensitive Skin to normal Skin

You have somewhat sensitive skin, but no sensitivity to soothing essential oils such as lavender essential oil.

  • the razor of your choice
  • Pure/Glow Shave Oil
  • Pure Gentle Jane and Mint Shaving Soap

The shave soap is

🧼 traditional shaving soap
🧼glorious creamy thick foam
🧼hand crafted in NZ
🧼free of nasties
🧼free of artificial fragrance
🧼made for sensitive skin!

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