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Brontë Eco Razor Rose Gold
Brontë Eco Razor Rose Gold
Brontë Eco Razor Rose Gold
Brontë Eco Razor Rose Gold

Brontë Eco Razor Rose Gold

Brontë Body
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Goodbye, bikini rash and ingrown hairs!

Get your best, smoothest shave yet!

Each razor comes with

  • a shaving manual (now online)
  • plus 10 razor blades which should keep you covered for the next 50-70 shaves.
  • cotton canvas bag
  • free shipping and handling!

The shaving manual has moved online on our shave blog. Please make sure to read this before your first shave!

Sleek as a dolphin? Level up your shave with the razor+shave oil bundle and save!

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, as it's 100% toxin-, plastic-free and vegan.

Brontë Body is a NZ-based local organisation and cares about people, the environment, and animals.

Our razor is adding a beautiful luxurious feel to your self-care ritual and has become our favourite bathroom centerpiece.

Help reduce the 10billion disposable razors going into landfill each year in the world.

Safety razors not only help with reducing plastic consumption, but are cheaper in the long run, as the blades cost a fraction of the ones that you can buy at the supermarket.

All packaging is plastic-free, toxin-free, vegan, and at least recyclable.

1% of our profits of to a New Zealand charity of your choice.

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