Shave tips for shaving knees and elbows

Yesterday I asked if you wanted tips on how to shave your knees with a safety razor on Instagram @brontebody. 🩹🪒

🌸 all these below are recommendations but you need to figure out for yourself what works best for your body :)

1️⃣ Always shave when your skin and hair are soft and warm - like at the end of a warm shower

2️⃣ Exfoliate your skin regularly to get rid of any excess skin for a closer shave.

3️⃣ I recommend shaving with a straight leg. You can pull up the skin on your knee as well to stretch the skin.

4️⃣ As the safety razor has no moveable head, your hands have to adjust the razor head to a 30 degree angle always. This might take you a couple of shaves to get the hang of it.

5️⃣ When shaving use short 1-2 cm strides. Try to shave in each stride an area that has no change in angle for the razor.

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6️⃣  I recommend shaving in any direction to shave short strides along the knee. I recommend scooping up around the sides towards the middle. You can also shave with the hair growth.

7️⃣ With a safety razor do not apply pressure on the skin (especially on the bony bits) It has a weight by own.
Try to avoid skin that’s healing such as pimples, or scratches.

8️⃣ shave using a fatty substance such as a shave oil or a shave soap made with oils. The more oil the less friction and the better the glide.

9️⃣ after shave rinse your skin with cold water to close all the pores and reduce chance to get irritated skin.

🔟 moisturize with a soothing substance such as our shave oil. Preferably including healing ingredients such as hemp seed oil, aloe Vera, calendula.

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